Javascript Game Programming

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Game play

  • Press [Enter] start
  • Use [Left] and [Right] arrows
  • Press [Space] to fire missiles

Game information

Programmed using JavaScript, the melonJs game library, and the Tiled map editor.

Source files:

Author: Michael Jasper

Michael is a Web Developer located in Northern Utah. When not programming, he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the great-outdoors, and hit-and-miss cooking experiments.

  • HassKappenMann

    Hey, your Game is broken maaan 😉
    I would have been nice to see..

    • HassKappenMann

      I meant “It”, not “I”. 😉

    • mdjasper

      Seems to be working for me. In what way does it appear broken for you? I’d love to fix any errors you see. Also, Browser/OS/Etc?

  • shadeydave

    Google Chrome Version 22.0.1229.79
    Game keeps crashing on second level when the yellow dirt transitions into the grey dirt.

  • appzer0

    It seems great but it won’t load here! I run Firefox 16.0.1, on Linux (x86_64). The melonJS logo seems to load until 70% (green bar under the “S” of “JS”) then nothing.

  • Trinosaur

    The problem in Firefox is that the ogg files are missing, so it can’t load the game.

    Chrome picks the MP3s over the oggs, so no problem there, but then it crashes when switching levels 2-3. At line 69 of mainPlayer.js, res.obj is undefined.

    I’m starting to put together a melonJS game myself, so it’s really useful to see this code – thanks for posting it.