Arabic web design and web fonts

Going a little way towards displaying Arabic is a native way creates a delightful user experience. Arabic Web-fonts, layout, and language CSS help create that experience.

Software Engineering principles applied to CSS

Some of my thoughts about CSS developent. Think of more? Share in the comments and I’ll add them to this page! Low Coupling The principle of low coupling suggests that distinct parts of an application be as “stand-alone” as possible. To illustrate: A very decoupled program could be available from the command-line first, then a […]

Horizontal vs. Vertical button groups

Button groups are an important part of user interface design, but choosing their orientation can often be difficult. I’d advocate that horizontal groupings are better in most cases — consider this: Imagine that each element on the page is assigned a “Danger Zone” — and area where within one unit of margin of error,  an […]

Javascript Game Programming

(0/0 fps) Game play Press [Enter] start Use [Left] and [Right] arrows Press [Space] to fire missiles Game information Programmed using JavaScript, the melonJs game library, and the Tiled map editor. Source files: Game init/resources In game entities/logic