This is a collection of freelance, personal projects, and professional work that I have accomplished throughout my career. Professional projects were often worked on in teams of developers, designers, and business managers who all deserve credit for their work as well.

Rio Olympic Selfie Quiz App (2016)

React, Redux, Hammer.js, Css Modules

Built a mobile web app using React and Redux which gives the user a quiz and activates the native hardware camera to take a selfie, then aligns the selfie with a cartoon athlete using the Canvas Api. Launched for the Rio 2016 Olympics for FamilySearch.org

Online Art Exhibit (2015)

Retrofitted an online art exhibit tool (allows for multiple galleries) to be both horizontally and vertically responsive using viewport-units, new menu system, and responsive and deep-zoom-able image view.

Examples of this tool in use:


Online Museum Gallery
Online Museum Gallery


Individual Artwork
Individual Artwork

Public Database of 19th Century Mormon Pioneers (2015)

HTML5, Node.js, SCSS, Browserify, Handlebars

With the dual goals of search engine optimization and client side performance, this isomorphic web application is rendered on a server using Node.js and Handlebars, while subsequent requests are handled and rendered by the clients browser. With sub-second rendering, and milliseconds time-to-first-byte, I’m proud that this application is blazing fast (and usable too!). On this project, I served as lead-front end developer, making architecture decisions, leading code reviews, and doing regular pair programming with the other developers. Mormon Pioneer Overland Travels

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel

HTML5 + JavaScript Coloring-book App (2014)

HTML5, JavaScript, Paper.js, CSS3, mobile/tablet ready

A tablet and kid friendly coloring web app – created with Paper.js, a JavaScript canvas framework. The web app can use any outline image to create coloring-book pages.


Arabic Content Refit (2013)

Used CSS to retrofit major content sections to work with Right-to-Left languages, especially Arabic.


Dynamic Video Gallery (2013)

HTML5, History.js, JSON, Ajax service

A dynamic video gallery which is powered by an Ajax JSON service. The player uses HTML5’s History API to dynamically update the pages URL, creating SEO friendly pages which can also be rendered statically.


WSU Superhero Campaign (2012)

Showcase for outstanding students at Weber State University. Used WordPress and a highly customized theme.



Musicians Website (2012)

Used WordPress to create a website for musician Rich Bischoff.


WSU Police Academy (2011)

Information and registration website for WSU Police Academy


Online Music retail (2010)

An online shop for previewing and purchasing audio CD’s.


WSU Student News Organization(2010)

Sole developer and designer on WSU’s student news organization, the WSU Signpost.