React Redux Bootcamp (Jan-Mar 2017)

5 day hands-on bootcamp style React Redux training, presented several times to about 15 developers per session.

Dynamic CSS Variables /Custom Properties (Dec 2016)

20 minute live code session for 50 developers demonstrating css custom property injecting through javascript events.

Unit Testing Front-end Code (Oct 2016)

45 minute talk on testing front-end end code, framework agnostic. Delivered to about 60 developers.

HTML 5 Canvas & Graphics (August 2016)

45 minute talk on using the canvas and canvas api for graphics rending on the web. Part 1 of a 2-part series, delivered to about 60 developers.

Web Performance Tips and Tricks (may 2015)

45 minute presentation on web performance, starting very easy and getting progressively harder.